At Family Law Firm we recommend families to consider applying for legal funding from the Legal Aid Commission. Eligibility for financial support will depend on your individual circumstances, and we are very happy to assist with your application to obtain Legal Aid funding.


Am I eligible for Legal Aid? There are three tests which are generally applied by the Legal Aid Commission to determine whether you are eligible:


  • Jurisdiction Test This test looks at the type of matter in which Legal Aid is sought. Legal Aid is not available in all types of legal matters. Generally Legal Aid is available in Family Law, Criminal Law and some Civil Law matters.
  • Means Test This test takes into account your income and assets (and that of any financially associated persons, such as your partner) to ascertain whether you are entitled to receive Legal Aid.
  • Merit Test The Commission considers whether it is reasonable in all the circumstances to grant Legal Aid. In making this determination, the Commission takes into account several factors, such as your reasonable prospects of success with your legal matter.


The Legal Aid Commission website also provides a Means Test Indicator which allows you to judge whether you are eligible for Legal Aid. However, keep in mind that this online test is only an indicator, and it’s best to check your eligibility with Family Law Firm as well. We have many years of experience in working with the Legal Aid Commission and assisting families to access financial support.